Covid-19: 321 new cases, 355 recovery cases, and no deaths in UAE

Stay updated on the latest COVID-19 situation in the UAE: 321 new cases, 355 recoveries, and no deaths reported. Find out more about the current investigations and total number of tests performed.

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The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention reported 321 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus, 355 recoveries, and zero fatalities as a result of the sickness on Monday morning.

The authorities are presently investigating all 13,910 cases that have been filed with them. A total of 167,861 tests were performed, all of which resulted in the discovery of new cases of the condition, bringing the total number of tests performed to 167,861.

As of May 23rd, there have been 905,151 reported incidents in the United Arab Emirates, with 888,939 individuals saved. As of right now, there have been 2,302 deaths as a result of this.

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