Comoros no longer requires tourists from Saudi Arabia to take a COVID-19 PCR test

Discover the latest travel update: Comoros no longer requires PCR tests for tourists from Saudi Arabia. However, travelers must provide evidence of COVID-19 vaccination to enter the country. Don't miss out on this important information!

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The country of Comoros along with other nations such as New Zealand, and Georgia have all declared that they will no longer require people from Saudi Arabia—residents and citizens—to pass a negative PCR test before entering their countries.

While the Comorian Government’s Department of Health Ministry has stated that the PCR test is no longer a requirement while entering and exiting the nation, the Saudi Arabian consulate in Comoros has stated that the health ministry still requires incoming travellers to present evidence of having taken the COVID-19 vaccine.

 If such proof is not present with the traveller, they will not be allowed to visit Comoros. 

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