Colombia has its own anti-covid-19 vaccination.

Discover Colombia's groundbreaking anti-COVID-19 vaccine developed by a team of 25 experts led by Manuel Elkin Patarroyo. This new vaccine, SM-COLSARSPROT, has successfully cleared the testing stage and will be produced for less than a dollar. Find out how Colombia aims to make this vaccine accessible to nations with limited resources for free.

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They developed the first vaccination against covid-19 in Colombia with a team of about 25 persons directed by Manuel Elkin Patarroyo, researcher, director, and head of the Colombian Immunology Institute Foundation (FIDIC).


The vaccine, that has already cleared the testing stage, will be known as SM-COLSARSPROT and will be produced for less than a dollar.  Furthermore, Colombia, as well as nations with little means, will be able to get it for free, according to Patarroyo.

Following two years of study and testing, the immunizer is now ready for testing in individuals as part of the clinical trials.

Unlike the biological vaccinations currently accessible, the Colombian immunizer was created medically.

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