CCSA will consider more Covid lifting suggestions

CCSA considers lifting more Covid restrictions with adjustments to color-coded concept and nightclub rules. Public safety a top priority. Share your suggestions with the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration as they welcome new ideas for improving regulations. Before reopening nightclubs in more provinces, current issues must be resolved. The government views face masks as a vital tool for economic recovery, requiring careful consideration for further relaxation. Ministry of Public Health has a plan to remove face mask requirements and address the outbreak as an epidemic. July brings a new Covid phase and medical facility instructions for faster access to healthcare in infection cases.

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The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration will consider more suggestions to lift Covid restrictions on Friday. PM Prayut Chan-o-cha insists public safety is a priority. Recommendations include adjusting the color-coded Covid concept and relaxing nightclub rules.


The CCSA welcomes new ideas and recommendations for improving Covid regulations.

The CCSA's operations center will debate any recommended changes before submitting them to the main committee, according to Supoj Malaniyom, Secretary-General- National Security Council

Before reopening nightclubs in more provinces, any problems with the current arrangement must be resolved.


The government considers face masks a key tool in its efforts to revive the Thai economy. Further relaxation has to be considered carefully.

The Ministry of Public Health has a detailed plan for removing face mask requirements and labeling coronavirus as an epidemic outbreak.

When Thailand begins a new Covid phase in July, the ministry is creating new instructions for medical facilities. The instructions will speed public access to healthcare in a Covid infection case.

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