Ontario Amends Its Covid Rules

Ontario Amends Covid Rules: Majority of mask requirements to be lifted in Ontario, except in care facilities and on public transport. High immunization rates contribute to improving Covid situation. Guidelines for healthcare personnel to be replaced with new advice.

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On Saturday, the majority of the existing mask requirements in Ontario will be lifted, as well as in institutions and on public transportation.


The restrictions are slated to expire at 12 a.m. on June 11, but masking will still be required in lengthy care and senior facilities, according to a news release from the country's medical officer of hygiene on Wednesday.

According to Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario's COVID-19 situation is improving thanks to high immunization rates.

In higher-risk communal living environments, such as orphanages and assisted living facilities, masks are still suggested, he noted.


"Organizations may create their own procedures while masking requirements expire," Moore stated in the announcement.

"Ontarians should continue wearing a helmet if they believe it is appropriate, are at significant risk for severe disease, are recuperating from COVID-19, have viral signs, or are in close touch with someone who has COVID-19."

Moore added that on Saturday, the ministry will withdraw guidelines for healthcare personnel and organizations and substitute them with advice.

"This covers recommendations for when shields should be worn in hospitals and other medical facilities," he added.

Moore stated that the state will continue to keep an eye out for new viruses of concern.

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