Cameroon starts to charge its people for PCR test for COVID-19

Cameroon Implements Charges for PCR Tests | Starting Wednesday, Cameroon has begun charging its citizens for COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. The Public Health Minister of Cameroon, Malachie Manaouda, confirmed the news. Individuals will now be required to pay 30,000 CFA (approximately $48 USD) for the test, which can be done through an online payment platform or in-person at the testing site. Officials have not provided an explanation for the change in policy. In other news, 11% of the target population in Cameroon has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the Public Health Ministry. Stay informed on the latest developments.

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From Wednesday Cameroon has started to charge people for the polymerase chain reaction test for COVID-19. This news was verified by the Public Health Minister of Cameroon, Malachie Manaouda. 


On Tuesday, Manaouda said that this test will now cost 30,000 CFA which is roughly equivalent to 48 USD. 

Payment for this test can be done through a platform dealing with the dematerialization of receipts for the public, however, payment can also be done physically at the site of the test, which would generate a receipt as well as a unique code for each individual taking the PCR test. 

There was no explanation from the officials as to why the erstwhile free test is now being charged for. 

On a different note, 11% of the target population in Cameroon has received a vaccine dose as per a statement from the Public Health Ministry. 

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