Bulgaria releases the latest coronavirus data for the last 24 hours

Get the latest coronavirus data for Bulgaria: 100 new cases, 3 deaths, and vaccination updates. Find out more here.

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According to statistics from the Unified Information Portal, there have been exactly 100 newly diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria in the previous 24 hours.


During the course of the day, 2501 experiments were carried out. More than 82,000 people are now battling the disease, but only a small number of those people have been declared cured.

In the previous 24 hours, three people have died with COVID-19, all of whom were unvaccinated. There were 37,109 people who died as a result of the epidemic.

There are 470 persons in the hospital. Intensive care units have a population of 40.

Ten new patients have been admitted to area hospitals.

Vaccines are given in dosages of 35 per day. Doses have been given to 4,395,803 people

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