Brazil Recorded New Coronavirus Instances

Discover the latest update on the coronavirus outbreak in Brazil. Lack of data from state officials is hindering monitoring efforts, while infection rates continue to rise. Learn about the challenges faced in updating statistics and the potential consequences. Also, find out why the increase in positive coronavirus tests in private laboratories is causing concern. Stay informed about the worsening situation and the impact of COVID-19 on severe acute respiratory infections in Brazil.

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Last week's lack of data from state officials badly hampered monitoring of the disease in Brazil. Meanwhile, since last Wednesday, the official coronavirus dashboard at the Health Ministry has not been properly updated — and there has been no explanation from the government.


The increase in health issues is accompanied by an increase in infection rates. From April 30 to June 3, the seven-day rolling average of new daily cases increased from 14,300 to over 30,000.

On Sunday, 23 of Brazil's 27 states failed to submit updated Covid mortality data. According to Conass, the national council of state health secretaries, many portions of the country were excluded owing to "technical difficulties."

The ability of the United Nations to respond quickly and effectively will be limited if individual countries withhold data. In addition to affecting the analysis of current pandemic conditions, hiccups in how statistics are updated would result in a misdiagnosis once numbers are updated all at once, hopefully in the coming days.


In the week ending May 21, the percentage of positive coronavirus tests in Brazilian private laboratories climbed to 29%, up from 10% a month ago. The increase may be attributed to the fact that individuals only pursue PCR testing following a coronavirus infection outbreak, according to laboratories. Covid-related hospital admissions in São Paulo increased by 86

According to some experts, a scarcity of self-testing kits data could be hiding even more serious problems.

The most recent InfoGripe report published by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, a government-funded biological institute, reveals that the situation in Covid has worsened. Coronavirus is to blame for roughly 60% of severe acute respiratory infections (SARI) in Brazil.

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