Beninese government does away with COVID-19 certification for travel into and out of its territories

The Beninese government has abolished the requirement for COVID-19 certification when traveling in and out of its territories. This decision, effective from June 16th, 2022, is attributed to the declining COVID-19 situation in Benin and globally. However, the government emphasizes that vaccination remains crucial for preventing illness from the virus. As of June 14th, Benin has recorded 26,952 COVID-19 cases, with 26,279 recoveries and 163 deaths.

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The Government of Benin decided on the 15th of June, to lift the COVID-19 measures that were required for crossing into and out of the country’s borders. This decision came into effect on June 16th, 2022, Thursday as per the press release from the Ministers Council. 


“The entry into the territory of Benin, by land, sea or air, is free from the presentation of any COVID-19 related document,” says the press release. This particular initiative was taken up as the COVID-19 pandemic in Benin declined along with the decline of the disease over the rest of the world. 

However, the Government of Benin says that this travel update is not saying that people do not need to get vaccinated. Vaccination still remains the most reliable method of ensuring that one does not fall ill with the COVID-19 virus.

AS of 14th June, Benin had a cumulative of 26,952 cases of COVID-19 with 26,279 cured people along with 163 deaths, according to the data published by the African CDC (African Center for Disease and Prevention). 

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