Bangladesh is ranked 5th in the world and, the first in Asia in terms of managing Covid-19

Bangladesh emerges as a global leader in managing Covid-19, ranking 5th worldwide and becoming the first in Asia. The country's Health Minister reveals that the World Bank has committed $1 billion to support Bangladesh's health sector. Furthermore, the minister highlights Bangladesh's successful vaccination efforts, surpassing the United States in terms of Covid-19 management.

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DHAKA – Commodity prices have climbed, and there is a foreign currency shortage in some nations due to war, according to Health Minister Zahid Maleque (18th, May 2022).


"We've asked the World Bank for $1 billion." According to our local correspondent, he mentioned this while addressing at the Manikganj Municipality's inauguration function at the Manikganj Govt Devendra College ground yesterday. He stated, "They have chosen in principle to give it, and the World Bank has assured us that this help would be supplied to us in the future for the health sector as well."

"The World Bank has blocked almost Tk 3,500 crore of our government's money, totaling US $350 million."

"We informed the World Bank that we did a fantastic job and that they should give us the money right away," he stated.


The minister indicated that the government had sought and been effective in combating Covid-19.

"The handling of Covid-19 was heavily criticised. Bangladesh is ranked 5th in the worldwide and, the first in Asia in terms of managing Covid-19. The World Bank has pressed for information on how we coped with the Covid-19 epidemic and vaccinated a quarter-million individuals in a single day. He claimed that the World Bank was on the lookout for it so that they might share it with other countries.

"They (the World Bank) declared that in many ways, America is far ahead of Bangladesh." In terms of managing Covid-19 and vaccination initiatives, Bangladesh is much ahead of the United States. This is a source of pride for us," he added.

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