Azerbaijan registers no deaths from Covid-19

Discover the latest updates from Azerbaijan on COVID-19. No deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours, with 8 new cases and 9 recoveries. Learn more about the country's efforts in combatting the virus and conducting extensive testing.

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Azerbaijan's Task Force underneath the Cabinet of Ministers has reported 8 new instances of Coronavirus infection, while 9 patients have recovered, according to AZERTAC.


There have been no new fatalities from COVID-19 in the recent 24 hours, according to the Task Force.

Nearly 792,000 people have been diagnosed with tuberculosis in Azerbaijan; 783,000 have been cured; and 9,713 have died. There are still a few people in need of treatment."

According to the Task Force, a record of 6,894,477 coronavirus tests have indeed been performed in the country to date.

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