Anti-COVID Measures Eased in Oman

Discover the latest updates on anti-COVID measures in Oman. With the successful immunization campaign, the government has lifted restrictions and checkpoints, allowing businesses to resume without masks or proof of immunization. While personal cleanliness and safety precautions are still important, every store, mall, restaurant, hotel, and cultural institution is open to serve you. Tourists from any country can enter Oman without requiring immunization proof. Stay informed about potential restrictions through the official website. Plan your trip to Oman, including travel to and from Italy, with ease.

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The country's contagion situation has stabilized thanks to the immunization campaign's success, with fewer infections undermining the stability of the health system. Businesses no longer need to bring a mask or proof of immunization because the Omani government has removed all restrictions and checkpoints at the border and within the country. However, health officials underline the importance of maintaining personal cleanliness and safety precautions when working with non-cohabiting individuals. Finally, in order to avoid the spread of infection, adhere to the recommendations of Omani health officials. Those who haven't completed the whole vaccination cycle and received their third booster should stop immediately.


Almost every store, mall, restaurant, hotel, and cultural institution in town is open and ready to serve you right now. Organize public activities and make them available to the public. Tourists from any country can enter Omani territory without having to show proof of immunization.

Protests and rallies should be avoided at all costs, according to local officials.

International air connectivity are successful in countries with open borders. To find out more, read "Oman Entry Regulations.".


All Italian citizens will be able to go to Oman from March 1, 2022. Travel to and from Italy is now open, as countries are no longer classified in distinct lists. To now be certified by the government, even unaffiliated tourism tours are now permitted.

On this page, Omanis who need to travel to Italy can learn about the new admission requirements.

Restrictions might be put in place with little or no notice by local authorities. Visit to stay up to date.

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