All restrictions on international travel to Turkey related to COVID-19 are lifted

Discover the latest travel updates: Turkey lifts all COVID-19-related restrictions for international travel, but local precautions still apply. Follow safety measures and stay informed about potential changes to ensure a smooth journey.

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On June 9, Turkey abolished all COVID-19-related travel restrictions to foreign countries, but some local restrictions remain. As of yesterday, Turkey relaxed all travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 outbreak. 


A few simple safety precautions can still be taken at home. For your protection and well-being, follow safety precautions and understand the risks while traveling.

Domestic regulations in Turkey

However, if air circulation and social distance are enough, face masks are required in all healthcare establishments. Authorities may impose further limits with little or no warning after many weeks of illness progression. 

At all times, strictly adhere to the instructions. Maintain adherence to all national health and safety regulations. Consider the possibility of the reintroduction of restrictive constraints by the Turkish authorities in your backup plans.

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