A pregnant woman wins a 22-day COVID-19 battle

Pregnant Woman Emerges Victorious from 22-Day COVID-19 Battle, Doctors Share Experience

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Croatian physicians recount the 22-day fight for life of a pregnant COVID-19 patient at Euroanaesthesia in Milan, Italy (4-6 June).


A young woman, who had not been immunised against COVID, had an urgent situation Cesarean surgery before being put on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, as a final solution by allowing the  heart and lungs to recover.

On October 16, the woman had COVID-19 symptoms and tested positive on October 20. On October 26, she was admitted to the hospital with shortness of breath, a cough, and weakness.

The 33-week expectant mother is in good health.


Her minor symptoms intensified quickly, creating concern. Despite supplementary oxygen, her breathing deteriorated after admission.

An expert panel led by Assoc. Prof. Sanda Stojanovic Stipic approved to intubate and C-section the woman.

"The patient's condition was rapidly deteriorating," an anesthesiologist at University Hospital Split explains.


"We only had a little time before baby's condition worsened, so we assembled a team to save both of their lives.

"We conducted a C-section because to the baby's advanced gestational age and the mother's declining health.

Pregnancy is taxing on the body, thus having the baby would allow the mother's lungs to recover.


The healthy newborn baby weighed 2,380g (5lb 4oz).

Following the C-section, the woman was placed on a ventilator in the COVID ICU. Despite this, her P/F ratio was 85. Ratios less than 100 indicate severe ARDS (a condition in which the lungs are so damaged that the alveoli fill with fluid).

When her lung function ratio approached 70, she was put on ECMO.Mechanical breathing, according to Dr. Peris, cannot treat the mother's lungs. "She required ECMO. Our hospital employs ECMO 3-5 times each year.


"Her lung function improved after nine days, and she was removed off ECMO. After a 22-day survival battle, the mother and child were liberated on November 17."

The woman healed nicely after receiving hospital and home physiotherapy. Her kid is fine.

Peris, D "Our anesthesiologists and ICU nurses kept a close eye on her every step. Their collaboration, supervised by Asst. Prof. Sanda Stojanovic Stipic, contributed to their victory."


Pregnancy, according to doctors, should not rule out ECMO. According to reports: "Recent research shows that both mother and child survive ECMO therapy throughout pregnancy. Pregnant ladies are often young and healthy."

Peris states: "Both the hazards and benefits to the mother and the foetus must be evaluated. The advanced gestational age of the foetus was evaluated against the mother's rapidly deteriorating health.

"Medical time is critical. Saving time."


She wasn't immunised against COVID-19. Peris, D "Vaccination saves lives.

"Children born to COVID-19-vaccinated women are safe, according to research.

"Get immunised as soon as possible."

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