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Supporting Guatemalan Communities: How One By One Is Making a Difference Learn how a dedicated group of former educators from Guelph, Canada, founded One By One: The Latin American Project to make a positive impact in Guatemala. Discover how this charitable organization provides essential support and builds sustainable relationships to address the pressing needs of local communities.

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In Canada, free and simple accessibility to COVID immunizations is not something that all emerging economies enjoy, and a local organisation is working to close the gap.


One By One: The Latin American Project was founded by a tiny group of former Guelph teachers, administrators, and educational leaders.

Peter Ingram, director of One By One, Ted Laxton, vice chairman, Kathy Ingram, secretary, and Teresa Jefferson, chair, make up the group.

When Peter Ingram was the director at St. Catholic High School in 2000, he went to Guatemala for the first time. He was accompanied by a group of 12 students. He led to a large number of student excursions to Guatemala from 2000 to 2010. He and the other members about what would ultimately become One By One departed in 2010.


Ingram stated that after spending several years in Latin America, they had found their feet and built some relationships, and it was time to start making the organisation official.

In 2016, the club became a non-profit organisation, and in 2021, it has become a charitable organisation.

"The pandemic has huge ramifications all around the globe," Ingram added.

In the time of need they showed the light to Guatemala by organizing essential needs in the region.

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