41 new Covid-19 positive cases reported in Saint Lucia 

Discover the latest Covid-19 updates in Saint Lucia with 41 new positive cases reported and 86 recoveries. Stay informed about the active cases, vaccination progress, and upcoming vaccination drive.

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Based on samples collected by the Ministry if Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs on Monday, 23rd May around 41 new cases have been registered. Out of the 123 samples collected, 92 of them were processed in the Ezra Long Laboratory and the rest were handled in the Laboratory Services and Consultations Limited. All of the samples had been received on May 22, 2022. Around 33.7% constitute the number of positive cases from all the samples. The total number has now been pushed to 25,054 in the country. 

There were reports of 86 people recovering from Covid-19. In the present, the active cases are 735. The Respiratory Hospital has 25 patients admitted with positive symptoms and out of them one has been observed as critical. 

In terms of vaccination, 53,881 people have received full vaccination while 5,337 are partially vaccinated and 7,415 citizens have been administered booster. A vaccination drive will happen on 24th May, 2022 with the vaccines being available from 9 am to 4 pm.  

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