According to the latest Ministry of Health report, there were less than 2,000 incidences of Covid in Luxembourg in a week. While we still surpassed 8,000 at the start of April. Ever since, the percentage of positive test results has been decreasing week by week. The weekly fall for the week of May 16 to 22 is 30.5 percent, with a sum of 1,879 recorded infections. While the overall amount of PCR tests conducted reduced by 5% to 9,178.

This represents a drop in positivity from 27.81 percent to 20.47 percent in one week. The effective reproduction number (a measure of the amount of people afflicted by a virus carrier) dropped to 0.62 from 0.87 the previous week. Also, the incidence rate stays unchanged, at 291 infections per 100,000 people.

 The family circle appears to be the most common source of infection, accounting for 31% of the confirmed cases. Other sources of infection are work (7%), leisure (7%), education (9%), and  Foreign travel (12%). The proportion of unidentified causes rose slightly (28 percent ).

The count of active cases has also reduced to 4,846 as of May 22 from 6,244 as of May 15. In the hospital, the situation is nearly stable.

Three new Covid-related deaths were reported in the week of May 16 to 22. For a median age of 82 years, the result was the same as the previous week.

The hospital registered 12 new Covid-19 patients admissions in normal care, in comparison to 13 the prior week. The amount of occupied beds in intensive care rose from 1 to 2. The median age of hospital admissions is 61 years.

Vaccination rates remain below 80%

Vaccination against Covid is proceeding at its own pace, far from the previous months’ peaks. There were 2,704 doses prescribed between May 16 and May 22. A first jab was given to 83 people, and a second jab was given to 106. A first booster dose to a full treatment plan was given to 576 people, a second booster dose to a full treatment plan was given to 1,937 individuals, and a third booster dose to a full treatment plan was given to two people.

As of May 24, the overall number of vaccines prescribed was 1,282,044, with 473,434 people having finished their vaccination schedule, representing a vaccination rate of 78.7 percent when placed side-by-side with the vaccinable persons over the age of five.

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