Here is an update on what has occurred in the last 24 hours: 717 tests were conducted, with 50 citizens in the following municipalities receiving positive COVID19 results:

Tirana has 27, Fier has 8, Lusnje has 3, Gramsh has 1, and so does Korca, Kumanovo, Vlora, Divjaka, Patos, Roskovec, and Berat.

Covid19 has 288 active cases in the country..

COVID3 Hospital is currently treating three patients. In the last 24 hours, no one has died as a result of Sars-Cov2.

49 citizens have recovered in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of healed to 272,437 since the outbreak began.

Statistics and data (1 June 2022)

50 new cases are added every day.

49 people recovered in 24 hours.

3 people were hospitalised

In the last 24 hours, there have been no fatalities.

717 tests conducted.

Covid-19 has seen

1,829,624 tests in total.

 276,222 confirmed cases.

272,437 cases recovered.

288 active cases.

3,497 fatalities.

Region Wise distribution of cases:

Tiranë -194


Vlorë -19

Gjirokastër- 16

Korçë- 13

Durrës -7

Elbasan- 5

Shkodër- 3

Dibër- 3

Lezhë -2

Berat -1

Kukës -1

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