China’s “zero-COVID” policy responds strongly to even a few new incidents. Travel restrictions continue to hinder Macau tourism.

“We’ve told Chinese specialists that this method isn’t sustainable,” the WHO leader said. Relaxing its zero-COVID policy is crucial.

China blocked Tedros’ WeChat and Weibo posts instantly.

Macau Health Official Responds

Ending COVID-19 regulations and public life restrictions in China should boost Macau casino demand. This will happen when “zero-COVID” is relaxed.

Wynn Resorts CEO Craig Billings told analysts and investors yesterday that Macau is poised for a resurgence similar to Las Vegas’.

We’re optimistic about Macau’s future given the region’s latent demand. Macau is currently our most interesting asset. Equity markets aren’t pleased. Billings said it happens occasionally.

Macau’s resurgence depends on allowing more non-residents unfettered entry and exit. China and Macau will continue to take tough actions for new instances.

“We’ve followed the dynamic zero approach for more than two years, and it’s kept our folks safe and their lives normal,” added Lo. We see no need to change policies.

Vaccine-hesitant seniors

Macau’s immunization rate is near 90%, however, older persons have a low rate. Lo rebuffed media concerns regarding whether Macau might adopt a “Living with COVID” policy version.

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