There’s been an upsurge in the number of people diagnosed with covid-19 occupying beds at the Escuela, El Tórax, and De San clinics.

Recieving the initial two dosages and a supplement of the vaccine, the number of people dying from covid-19 has increased.

The most recent of these images is of a 30-year-old individual who had a treble vaccine schedule yet died at the Social Security Medical Centre in this city despite having a triple immunisation schedule.

There had been no fatalities related to the new virus in the bedrooms of the abovementioned facility in the preceding two months, April and May.

According to the backups, there were 8 mortality in March, 28 patients in February, and 18 patients who died as a result of covid in January.

In some circumstances, rebound

There has been an upsurge in the number of people infected with covid-19 occupying rooms at the Universidad, El Tórax, and De San hospitals. According to statistics, the City Center became the pandemic’s epicentre.

98 instances of covid-19 were identified in epidemiologic week 116, with 97 of them belonging to individuals in the city. Then the Cortés region comes, with nine cases, and Choluteca with seven illnesses.

In the last epidemiologic week, 9 samples for the novel virus were confirmed in the areas of Lempira, & Comayagua.

So far in 2022, the biggest number of active patients has been recorded at the end of January, with over 5,000 cases, but in the first quarter of February, with about 6,000 infections recorded by the health system.

In March, April, May, but the first week of June, the number of affected people dropped from 2,000 to far less than 200.

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