The Center for Parasitic and Infectious Diseases (NCIPD) of Bulgaria announced yesterday, on May 25th that  the Omicron strain of Coronavirus have been discovered in all of the 180 samples sent for testing. These samples were taken from current COVID-19 patients across the country. 

The samples were taken from 17 of the 28 regions comprising Bulgaria and had been gathered from April 1 to May 3. As of 9th May, 10 patients of this sample group passed away due to coronavirus-induced complications, whereas 22 patients were still hospitalized while 121 people had recovered fully from the virus. 

The NCIPD also announced that in 144 cases, the BA2 subvariant of Omicron was found. This corresponds to 74.7% of the previous sample set as sequenced by the NCIPD and announced on May 11th

The remaining samples that were studied showed 8 different subvariants of the Omicron strain which includes 7 instances of BA.1.1 as well as 17 cases of BA 2.9 subvariants. 

The region of Sofia accounted for the largest number of samples (79). This was followed by the Varna region (17), Pernik with 15 samples and Montana (13). 

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