A British tourist, as well as his companion, is thought to be the first people in Greece to get monkeypox. Since it was first found in the UK in May, the rare infection has spread across Europe and the Americas.

The 29-year-old and his traveling partner, who has no symptoms, are in isolation in Athens, where they are undergoing testing for this rare and generally mild infection.

Even though the test results haven’t been confirmed yet, the man’s doctors think he probably has the virus because of his symptoms and his linkage to the United Kingdom. Monday is when the test results will be available.

When the man started to feel sick, he and his partner were on vacation in Kefalonia, Greece. The two were then taken to the Greek capital, Athens to receive treatment for the virus and tested for it.

The plane that took the two patients off the island was made in Norway so that it could carry people with contagious diseases like Ebola and COVID-19. The cabin of the plane is absolutely airtight, which keeps the medical staff safe from getting sick.

Most people who get monkeypox live in very remote parts of West Africa and Central Africa. On May 7, monkeypox was found in a patient in the UK who had recently been to Nigeria. It was the first issue of the current outbreak.

The Health Security Agency of the UK says it is very likely that they got monkeypox there before coming back to the UK.

Even though the infection has recently spread to many nations, this isn’t very contagious, and there is not much chance that it will spread to a lot of people.

The virus is usually spread by close contact with the infected, including sexual contact. It can get into the body through the mouth, eyes, or through wounds that are open.

This disease can also be spread by coming into contact with animals that have it.

In the UK, the smallpox vaccination is given to people who could get sick from the virus.

Even though smallpox and monkeypox are not the same diseases, they happen to be similar enough. The vaccine for smallpox is around 85% effective in warding off monkeypox. 

In its early stages, monkeypox can cause fever, aches, pains, fatigue, and headaches. Then, a rash that looks like smallpox usually shows up on the feet and the hands of an infected person. This rash happens to be uncomfortable and itchy. Also scratching the rashes can lead to permanent scarring. 

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