Palestinian organizations have supplied medical supplies totaling $16,400 to Cuba

Supporting Cuba's COVID-19 immunization program, Palestinian organizations donate medical supplies worth $16,400 to aid the country's vaccination efforts.

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Jordanian members of the Cuban community residing in Jordan handed Cuba 270,000 syringes and 540,000 needles on Thursday as a part of the Palestinian Graduates League in Jordan, the Jordanian-Cuban Friendship Association, along with a few members of the Palestinian Graduates League.


"This donation is a little symbolic effort to help Cuba's big COVID-19 immunization program," said Watan Al Abadi, a member of the Association of Palestinian Graduates in Cuba.

The act was applauded by Alfredo Deriche, Vice-President of the Cuban-Arab Friendship Association, who emphasized Cuba's support for the Palestinian cause and the need for a comprehensive solution to the problem.

Cuba's Health Ministry will send the items, which are worth about US$16,400, to health facilities in Cuba as soon as possible, according to Yamira Palacios, the director of the department that coordinates collaboration.


In the statewide vaccination campaign, more than 10.6 million Cubans received at least one dose of the locally produced Abdala, Sovereign 02, and Sovereign Plus vaccines, resulting in an 89.9 percent immunization rate.

On Thursday, MINSAP announced that it would begin the administration of booster vaccines to residents over 50 and vulnerable groups such as those working in the healthcare, tourism, and education sectors. 

"Our goal is to continue strengthening, regulating, and certifying novel therapies and studies so that no one is left vulnerable to the virus," said MINSAP Science and Technological Innovation Director Ileana Morales.

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