COVID-19 was detected in 104 persons – 43 men and 61 women – as a result of the almost 400 tests that were conducted by the Best-dos Santos, which is a Public Health Lab, on June 6, which happened to be a Monday.

30 people who are not yet 18 years and 74 people aged 18 years or older found representation in the data. There were 44 individuals confined in the isolation ward, whereas 1,371 persons remained quarantined at home. The number of fatalities caused by COVID-19 as of June 6 was 463.

Since February 2020, the health lab has successfully conducted 690,792 tests and has reported 81,622 COVID-19 occurrences, of which 37,230 are men and 44,392 are women.

People who have received at least the first dose under the National Vaccination Program for COVID-19 is 162,493 (71.1 percent of the target population). The number of people who are fully vaccinated stands at 152,923, which is 56.4 percent of the entire population. It is also 67 percent of the people who are eligible, meaning those who are either 12 years of age or older.

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