Azerbaijan vaccinated 3,067 persons against COVID-19 on May 20, according to the operational headquarters working under Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers.

A first batch of 347 persons was vaccinated, followed by an additional batch of 587, followed by an additional batch of 1,910 citizens for the last round of vaccinations. Some 223 persons, after testing for COVID-19 received a booster dose vaccination.

On a total basis, 5,345,251 individuals received the first dosage of the vaccine, while 4,846,372 people received the second dose, and 3,265,489 people received the third dose as well as further doses.

Some 244,138 people received a booster vaccination after a positive COVID-19 test result. These developments come on the heels of the government taking a tough stance on the COVID-19 spread in the country. Overall, the virus is less virulent as of now.

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