As of May 31, authorities in Curacao have instructed airlines to further relax COVID-19-related travel restrictions. International passengers landing on the island are no longer required to avail of health insurance to cover for COVID-19-related expenditures. That being said, domestic policies remain unaltered.

Local guidelines

Employees and visitors are still required to use facemasks in healthcare centres, on public transportation, and in funeral halls and other types of interior space. Businesses can, however, impose face masks requirements on workers and customers in other situations. 

Guidelines for international travellers

The digital immigration card must now only be filled out online and the Passenger Locator Card must be completed 48 hours before arriving on the island regardless of the mode of transport. All prior restrictions, including vaccination and pre-travel testing requirements, have been lifted.

Depending on progress and prognosis of this health concern over the next weeks, authorities may reinstate, extend, tighten, or otherwise modify any restrictions with little notice.

General guidelines

Strictly adhere to all the required protocols. Obey national health and safety standards. Confirm all travel plans multiple times before starting from home. For further information and assistance, contact authorized authorities.

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