NEW DELHI: On Monday, India expressed its displeasure with the preparation and presentation of a report on Covid-19-related higher all-cause death estimates.

In his address to the World Health Organization’s 75th session in Geneva, the Union health minister said the WHO had ignored India’s and other countries’ concerns over methodology and data sources.

The WHO withheld precise country-specific data from India’s statutory agency, according to Mandaviya. He informed the World Health Assembly that the Central Council of Health and Family Welfare, a constitutional body comprised of health ministers from all Indian states, had issued a unanimous statement expressing their regret and concern.

The WHO estimates that 15 million people died worldwide as a result of the coronavirus or its impact on overwhelmed health systems in the last two years, more than doubling the previously recorded death toll of six million. Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas accounted for the majority of deaths.

According to the survey, India might have prevented 47 lakh deaths. The government challenged the findings, claiming flawed methodology, improper data sourcing, criterion irregularities, and the UN health agency’s use of assumptions for projections.

According to Mandaviya, Prime Minister Modi has stressed the importance of strengthening the WHO in order to build a more resilient global health secure infrastructure, and India is prepared to play a key role in all of these initiatives.

“India feels that this year’s theme, which connects peace and health, is vital and timely,” the minister said, “since there can be no sustainable development, universal health, or welfare without peace.”

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