Hospitals in Kuwait are looking for hundreds of nurses from the Philippines to fill open positions. Clinics and public hospitals in Kuwait need 360 nurses, according to the Ministry of Health (MOH). This comes as the state is recovering from the state of emergency brought about by the coronavirus. There are many patients in Kuwait who are suffering from long Covid, and there is a need for increasing number of nurses to cope with the demand.

The MOH, on the other hand, will no longer directly hire OFWs from Filipino staffing agencies.

Medical supplies and services provider Medi-tech Global Technologies is one of the local Kuwaiti firms certified to hire Filipino nurses as new employees.

In a statement, Dr. Shadya Kamal Hakeem stated, “We are Global Technologies, a company competent to recruit Filipino nurses for the Ministry of Health.”

Filipino nurses will continue to be sought till the end of the year.

According to him, “We begin granting visas and transmit it to [the Philippines].”

Even while Kuwait is committed to the process of “Kuwaitization,” it acknowledges that the country still has a nursing shortage.

Al-Bahar Medical Service CEO Abbas Yousef al Baghli said, “The Ministry of Health has a huge scarcity of nurses and they will continue to employ additional nurses.”

As in the past, policymakers and directors of human resources have always claimed that the number of nurses being hired will rise.

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