In Albania, 36 people with coronavirus infections were detected in 973 tests, with no citizens dying as a result of the pathogen in the last 1 day.

The Department of Health and Social Protection furthermore announced on Saturday that 25 cases have now been recovered, which brings the total number of people recovered to 272,091 since its outbreak began.

Currently, the country sees 250 active Covid19 citizens, with 4 patients admitted to hospitals.

“In an update of the last 1 day: In the following municipalities, out of 973 tests conducted, 36 citizens came out positive for COVID19.

20 people in Tirana, 4 throughout Roskovec, 2 in Fier, and 1 in Kolonj, Korç, Tepelena, Saranda, Mallakastr, Kavaja, Kurbin, and Shkoder.

All citizens who have received two doses of vaccination must visit a health centre or a concentrated vaccination point to receive the 3rd booster dose.

Senior citizens and those with comorbidities who have waited 4 to 6 months after receiving the third dose of the Covid vaccination can receive the fourth dose when recommended by their family physician.

“If you think you are infected with COVID19 or have any signs of the condition, isolate yourself instantly and contact a doctor to get tested as quickly as possible. You can also call 127, the National Emergency Number ” the Ministry advised.

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