According to livestock officials, rabies is 100 percent preventable if the vaccine is obtained in a timely manner, but it is equally fatal if the vaccine is not obtained in a timely manner.

They went on to say that anyone experiencing these symptoms only has ten days to live.

After being bitten by a dog, Dr Kinley Dorji, the veterinary superintendent of the National Livestock Hospital in Thimphu, recommended people to get vaccinated, especially in the country’s southern regions.

He claims that the virus travels by nerves to the brain and that it should be immunised before it reaches it. According to the author, the virus will attack both the brain and the body’s delicate muscles.

He goes on to say that everyone who has rabies will die from respiratory failure. “Rabies-diseased people or animals will become hydrophobic and mad since their brains will no longer function.”

According to him, those bitten by rabid animals can be spared if they get to a hospital and are vaccinated against rabies as soon as possible.

According to veterinary officials, rabies is only carried by dogs in Bhutan, but it is transferred by vampire bats and other animals in other nations.

They argue that touching a rabid dog will not get you sick, but if the virus is present in the dog’s saliva and spreads to humans via bites, it will.

There are two sorts of rabies, according to Dr. Kinley Dorji: foolish and furious. “The sick dog is deafeningly quiet and only bites if something stupid comes too close. When a dog is angry, it becomes frantic and aggressive, running around the house nipping at anything that moves.”

To prevent rabies, he believes herd immunity should be adopted. According to the research, “every pet dog in the country must be vaccinated, and stray dogs should be immunised 70% of the time.”

According to veterinary officers, dogs routinely cross the border in the southern dzongkhags of Samtse, Dagana, Zhemgang, Pemagatshel, Samdrupjongkhar, lower Chukha, Trashigang, and Trashiyangtse.

They claimed to be mass-vaccinating canines in order to reach the World Health Organization’s 2030 rabies eradication target for all member countries.

No rabies-related deaths have been reported in recent years, according to officials at Jigme Dorji Wangchuk National Referral Hospital.

In Bhutan, there were 6,430 dog bite incidences in 2020-2021, according to Bhutan’s Health Bulletin 2021, with the majority of the victims being children.

The disease kills tens of thousands of people each year, predominantly in Asia and Africa, according to the World Health Organization.

The cost of rabies in the United States is estimated to be $8.6 billion a year, according to the paper. “Around 40% of those bitten by suspected rabid animals are children under the age of 15.”

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