Monkeypox test kits will be provided to Afghanistan by the World Health Organization, according to the Taliban-led administration. The Afghan health system, according to the MoPH, lacks monkeypox diagnostic kits.

 It was during the Afghanistan Covid-19 pandemic when PCR machines were sent to the MoPH. A Ministry of Health spokeswoman reported no proof of monkeypox. Afghanistan has yet to see a monkeypox outbreak.

 As of Sunday, the WHO had confirmed 780 cases of monkeypox in 27 countries, an increase of 523 (+203 percent) since May 29.

The current monkeypox outbreak has resulted in no fatalities so far. Monkeypox, a zoonotic disease spread by sylvatic monkeys, can infect people in Central and West Africa. Viruses such as the monkeypox virus are suspected by the WHO.

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