The Ministry of Health’s Permanent Secretary for Technical Services, Professor Luckson Kasonka, says the ministry is concerned about an increase in COVID-19 cases during the cold season.

In an interview, Prof Kasonka stated that the current weather conditions would almost certainly result in an increase in COVID-19 cases.

“As a result, it is likely and feared that the current weather will worsen COVID transmission.” So you’re aware that contact, handshakes, or touching premises that someone else with Flu has [touched] can spread Flu, the common cold, or Influenza. COVID, too, can be transmitted in this manner. “If we get a case of COVID, it will most likely be easily transmitted in the current weather,” he said.

“Once again, the five golden measures are critical; hand-washing because if you touch a premise contaminated with COVID virus material, you wash it away if you wash it.” You sanitise with these new sanitizers, then rinse them away. The most important aspect of masking [up] in this weather is that the virus exits the nose and possibly the mouth via coughing and sneezing. We reduce the likelihood of quickly transmitting to the next person if we all wear masks. We are concerned about the rising number of COVID cases.”

Prof Kasonka explained that the Flu virus survived the cold season because it could easily float in the dense air.

“You know, COVID, like the flu, enters the body through the respiratory airways, so COVID mimics the flu.” You may also be aware that the Flu virus survives during the cold season because the weather is thick and the virus can easily float in the thick air, allowing it to remain alive until it infects the next person. So when it’s cold, it’s inactivated and can stay for a longer period of time, but when it enters the human body, it reactivates at 36 degrees,” he explained.

Prof Kasonka also stated that since the introduction of COVID-19 vaccinations, there has been a decrease in common cold and flu cases.

“Of the five measures, vaccination is the most important.” The prevalence of common colds and flus appears to have decreased since the vaccination. I used to be one of those people who got the flu all the time, but thanks to my vaccination, both the flu and the common cold have disappeared, and you may have noticed the same thing. As a result, because all upper respiratory translated viruses have the same biological behaviour, the same vaccine for COVID has effects on other Flu-related vaccines. Flus are less common as a result of the COVID vaccination. “As a result,” Prof Kasonka said, “we should encourage people to get the COVID vaccination.”

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