The middle-aged Texan man escaped the clinic in Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s Pacific last sunday despite medical professionals telling him he should be checked for monkeypox and put in seclusion, according to the medical board.

The patient reported “cough, chills, muscle soreness, and pustule-like sores on his forehead, neck, and spine” when he got to the hospital, according to the organization.

After escaping the treatment clinic, the Texan stayed in the hotel where he and his companion were staying and boarded a plane out of Puerto Vallarta on June 4, before officials could track him down.

Between May 12 and 16, the person was in Hamburg, Germany, and then Dallas, Texas, before landing in Puerto Vallarta on May 27.

He partied at the Mantamar Beachfront in the tourist resort of Jalisco during his time in Mexico.

Anyone who visited the club through May 27 and June 4 should keep a close eye on their medical, according to health officials.

More than 1,000 instances of monkeypox have been reported in nations where the illness is not common, according to the World Health Organization.

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