Due to the chilly weather that many regions of Kenya are experiencing, the incidence of new COVID-19 outbreaks is projected to rise in June and July. Dr. Bernard Muia, a Kenyan health expert, gave his opinion that coronavirus infections, which are respiratory illnesses, may increase now that many people have forsaken health measures aimed at containing the virus.

Muia said on Tuesday that the existing infection rate of 7.7%, as reported by the Health Ministry on June 12, may not be accurate because the disease’s screening rate has decreased. 

He observed that the specimens of those who were evaluated were distorted because those who were assessed were just those who had shown signs or symptoms of coronavirus and had gone for diagnostics and that some with vague symptoms were openly interacting with the others.

 “It’s possible that the infectious disease rate is much higher than the Ministry of Health’s estimate of 7.7%.” Everyone must exercise caution to avoid contracting this illness. He went on to say, “We wouldn’t want to go back towards where we came from.”

Muia, who is also the chairperson of the Murang’a Municipal Board’s Health Department, added that, in addition to the cooler weather, the growing political marketing campaign could result in greater infectious diseases as a consequence of enhanced interactions and overcrowding during campaign rallies in the coming months.

“Health protocols aimed at controlling the spread of coronavirus have been forgotten by the public.” Only a few people wear masks. There will be no social distance, especially now that the campaigning season is in full swing. “However, each individual has a choice to accept personal initiative to avoid becoming infected,” the doctor stated.

The additional cases, according to Muia, were recorded in areas of Murang’a that had experienced exceptionally cold weather. “I urge the elderly to stay warm and remain in well-ventilated homes, and to seek medical assistance if they develop flu-like symptoms,” he added.

Meanwhile, Muia has encouraged the Ministry of Health to increase immunization against COVID-19, claiming that the proportion of people who have received the vaccine is still inadequate and that some people have stopped exercising.

“Vaccination campaigns should be increased to increase the number of people who have been vaccinated. Allow the Ministry of Health to bring exercise to the people.”  He also mentioned that illness surveillance should be improved.

Even though the present B.A4 and B.A5 COVID-19 sub-variants are not life-threatening as those seen a year ago, Muia believes the government should acquire medication that is currently utilized in the United States and Europe.

“I can propose the purchase of Paxlovid, an anti-covid drug widely used in the United States and portions of Europe. The medication has a 93% efficacy rate. Despite its high cost, it has the potential to assist the government in successfully combating COVID-19,” he noted.

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