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About Medriva

Spearheaded by visionary entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal and part of the esteemed Procurenet Group, Medriva champions the union of avant-garde AI technology with age-old medical wisdom. Our genesis lies in a clear vision: harmonizing the tech revolution with reliable medical insights.

Backed by Procurenet Group's unwavering support and a spirit of innovation, we herald a fresh epoch in digital health. Dive into our offerings, consult our AI doctor, and empower yourself with invaluable health knowledge. Together, let's sculpt the future of digital health.

Our Mission

Empowering healthcare through knowledge

At Medriva, our mission is to deliver accurate and up-to-date medical news to empower individuals with knowledge about their health and well-being.

We strive to provide a trusted source of medical information that is accessible to everyone.

In an age awash with information, our commitment stands firm—to provide reliable and impactful health insights. We proudly harness AI's transformative might to evolve the healthcare tapestry, ensuring premier care meets accessibility and affordability. A testament? Our swift production of a billion syringes amidst the 2021 supply chain crisis.


Our offer

Transforming Healthcare with Medriva's AI

Beyond our vast reservoir of 20,000+ rigorously vetted health articles, Medriva's revolutionary AI doctor revolutionizes healthcare by delivering real-time personalized advice. And our horizons only expand, with imminent telemedicine services connecting users to a cadre of renowned medical professionals.



Our Touch

Balancing AI with the Human Touch

AI might be our backbone, but the human touch remains our soul. We value empathy and expertise, embedding seasoned medical insights at every touchpoint.


Our Founder


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Together, we will revolutionize the way people access, 
engage with, and share information, contributing 
to a more informed and interconnected world.

Award-winning, four-time successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and motivational speaker, Gurbaksh Chahal is the Chair and CEO of ProcureNet, Medriva, and the Chahal Foundation.

Since going after his dream to pursue success in the dot-com boom, throughout his 24-year career in the internet and technology industry, Chahal has generated over $400 million in exits from start-ups. He continues to feed a passion for starting and growing companies using cutting-edge technology to create opportunities for other entrepreneurs, businesses, and people across the globe.

Chahal’s devotion to creating positive impacts extends to his work with The Chahal Foundation, a non-profit organization that he founded in 2012. Valuing the importance of giving back to society, Chahal is committed to raising awareness of key social issues, improving education in third world countries, providing university scholarships, and supporting worldwide disaster relief efforts.

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