Coronavirus infections are on the rise all around Europe. Is Bulgaria threatened by a new Covid-19 invasion this summer?

Currently there is no leap in infected and the more contagious sub-variants do not seem to be in the country. These Covid sub-variants are known to elude immunity, especially if it is  diminished in the course of time.

Bulgaria was not able to reach collective immunity through its immunization program. Vaccination rates in Bulgaria are below 30%. And only 11% have a booster dose.

Despite taking measures, Pavlina and her daughter became infected with Coronavirus. She had been vaccinated, so she didn’t expect to get infected, especially when the numbers of infected were steadily decreasing.

Her GM Dr.Daskalova affirms that the pandemic is still with us. “People who become ill are more or less a steady number these days. The past few weeks the numbers of Covid cases have been quite consistent. Today’s patient is a two-month-old infant and her family.” According to Dr.Daskalova, “Fewer tests are being performed lately. As a result, the problem remains unnoticed”.

According to experts, the number of infected people will climb during autumn.

Professor Hristova explains: “We’re not an exception. With only a slight lag, all of the sub-variants which  entered Western Europe will come to Bulgaria.” The Professor also added: “This is Omicron. It is gentler than the previous variants”.

For those in Bulgarian risk categories, a fourth dose may be necessary.

The suggestions of the Expert Council are expected by the Ministry of Health. If the Council so suggests, there will be a second booster shot given to those at risk.

Currently the European Medicines Agency considers that this shot may be administered to people above the age of 80.

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