Blondie Association, a Romanian non-profit that organises air transportation for seriously ill young kids who cannot be managed in Romania, has launched a special campaign to raise funds for future medical flights. By donating to the NGO by June 30, people can help colour a 1-kilometre infusion pink.

“The Blondie Association creates a 1-kilometre-long infusion and raises funds to support medical planes abroad for children who are unable to be treated in Romania. For every EUR 10 donation, 1 metre of infusion will be coloured pink until the entire length of 1 km is covered “According to the NGO.

Donors can go to the Bucharest National Theater’s Media Arghezi hall until June 30 to help fill the infusion with pink liquid. The same auditorium hall also hosts a display of photos from the Blondie Association’s healthcare flights for children with acute medical conditions.

“When children are sick, their skin is pale, blue, or yellow, as well as life “in pink” starts with a long and arduous journey. But it starts! And for that, they need a large number of us who can say YES every time. So, if you look at your hands right now and they are pink, be grateful and help them to be the same “Adelina Toncean, founder of the Blondie Association, stated.

The pink liquid-filled infusion will be on display at the Bucharest National Theater until end of June.

 It will then be converted into 5,000 ornaments and auctioned off so that children in need can get advantage from a flight to healing.

Since the outbreak, the Blondie Association has organised 120 medical trips for over 300 children who necessarily have to travel to clinics in Europe since their sickness possibly cannot be taken care of in the nation.

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