A new Ebola outbreak in the Congo Democratic Republic has heightened fears about the virus’s potential for regional and international transmission.

Since April 21, two people have died in this community in Mbandaka, northeastern DRC, as a result of the virus’s comeback.

According to the Department Of Health (WHO), “267 interactions have been detected” as of April 27, making it “impossible to determine the magnitude of the pandemic” at this time.

“As the town of Result in higher levels borders the Congo River and has creek and land contacts with the equity Kinshasa, the Congo Republic , the Central Africa, and Angola, the risk of regional and global spread of this Ebola outbreak cannot be ruled out,” the WHO said during a statement on Thursday.

Mbandaka also has air ties with the region of Southern Ubangi, which bordering the Central Africa and the Congo Republic , as well as Kinshasa, according to the WHO.

The current danger, according to the WHO, is “moderate” at the provincial scale and “low” at the global level.

As a result, the UN agency advises against imposing any travel or trade restrictions in the DRC.

The prevalence of animals and related species, the frequency range of Ebola outbreaks inside the nation, environmental conditions, and a debilitated health system due to persistent outbreaks of cholera, measles, and Covid-19, among others, make the danger of spread in the DRC “high.”

This is the DRC’s 14th Ebola outbreak since 1976.

Despite the fact that Mbandaka experienced two EVD epidemics in 2020 and 2018, WHO notes that some of the health system improvements made during the cases of infection have still not been sustained.

“The need to provide support to healthcare workers in the province so that they can respond effectively. Furthermore, logistical assistance is required to revive the health infrastructure that was put in place during earlier outbreaks “According to the WHO.

200 doses of vaccinations have been transported to Mbandaka, according to the organization. Vaccination began on April 27. As needed, further doses will be delivered.

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