If Monkeypox is found in Zimbabwe, the government says it is ready to address it. So far, the virus has infected 20 countries.

Monkeypox is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a virus spread among people from animals that causes symptoms same as smallpox, but is  less severe.

Acting Information and Publicity Minister Jenfan Muswere stated during Tuesday’s Cabinet media briefing that plans were underway to develop a virus prevention strategy.

“While there were minor discussions about monkeypox in Cabinet, this specific outbreak is still being tracked globally.”

“We are aware that it has been registered in Europe, and Cabinet will undoubtedly form a team to investigate this specific issue as time passes.” “Discussions on that issue have already started,” Muswere said, adding that “a framework to investigate this specific issue will be developed shortly.”

According to Stanley Midzi, WHO systems strengthening and policy adviser, Zimbabwe should not be concerned about the disease because, regardless of its prevalence, it is easily manageable.

“It is worth noting how the monkeypox has spread in countries where it is not endemic.” Scientists are curious about how monkeypox spread to America and other less-known countries, as it is prevalent in Central African countries.

“The majority of these cases have no known travel connections to any endemic region and have thus far presented at sexual health or primary care services,” says the CDC. According to Midzi, scientists will investigate suspected and confirmed cases of the disease that don’t have direct travel link to an endemic region.

Despite the fact that the majority of cases reported had no travel links to any endemic area and presented at sexual health or primary care services, WHO announced this week that epidemiological investigations were still underway.

“Early epidemiology is reported by countries to WHO reveals that cases are primarily reported among men who have sex with men.” According to the WHO, “a single case of this virus in a non-endemic region is considered as an outbreak.”

The sudden arrival of monkeypox in many non-endemic nations, according to the statement, suggests that there has been undiagnosed transmission for some time, as well as latest amplifying events.

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