The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation continues to provide assistance in Yemen. In addition to assisting the Marib province’s health care center in delivering healthcare services to conflict victims, IHH performed cataract surgery on 121 Ahrar Valley residents.

Tens of thousands of Yemenis have been forced to escape the country as a result of Yemen’s protracted civil war. The tent city in the Marib province was one of the migratory places.

Malnutrition and diseases caused by a lack of clean water are on the rise in many areas of Yemen, particularly in tent communities. These illnesses may become chronic if they are not treated appropriately and promptly.

The medical center provides primary care.

IHH continues to assist the healthcare center established four years ago to provide healthcare services to the residents of the tent city as part of its aid programmes in Yemen. The healthcare center administers medical testing, administers and monitors children’s vaccines, and provides initial treatment and referrals to competent institutions when inpatient care is required.

Cataract surgery was performed on 121 people. In addition, IHH restored the vision of 121 Hadramawt inhabitants who lived in the remote Ahrar Valley.

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