The WHO sent a specialist team to Kuwait on Wednesday in order to help a local medical center to set up a comprehensive system for classifying different illnesses. This is Kuwait’s first brush with this tool. 

This system happens to be an automated one that will assist a physician to reach a highly accurate diagnosis. The Medical Area chief for Farwania, Dr. Mohammed-Al-Rashidi highlighted this new program to be useful in tracking how widespread the disease in question is. 

As far as the WHO team’s visit to the Al-Farwania Hospital is concerned, AL-Rashidi said that the long-term aim is to make sure that the medical facility succeeds in kick-starting this system without glitches. He also said that this endeavor is on the right lines of the kingdom’s “Vision 2035” plan for development. 

The Al-Farwania hospital is the very first in its region to start implementing this new disease classification system. Other hospitals in the kingdom will follow suit based on the effectiveness of the pilot program. 

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