Dr. Nazneen Anwar, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Representative to the Maldives, has praised the government of Maldives for its successful Covid-19 immunization campaign.

On Tuesday, the WHO Representative paid a courtesy call on President Solih at the Presidential Office, where she praised the Maldives for executing its planned, timely responses to the Covid-19 epidemic.

She also complimented the country for achieving the vaccination objective of reaching 70% of its people, “well ahead” of other countries in the region.

President Yameen thanked Dr. Anwar for the excellent work of WHO and complimented the organization on its assistance during the Covid-19 epidemic, adding that it had also given valuable support to Maldives.

The president praised the World Health Organisation for assisting vulnerable groups and individuals suffering from substance abuse.

He went on to add, however, that Maldives should now pay greater attention to psychological aid.

The organization’s representative emphasized that the WHO-led Mental Health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) is intended to address the problem.

In addition, she said that the group is involved in a pilot program with the Ministry of Education to raise student awareness.

While stressing the importance of including such initiatives in the school curriculum, she also emphasized on their necessity as a component of learning. She added that many new efforts are focused on the school level.

Dr. Anwar said that the Maldives highly values its relationship with the World Health Organization, and President Solih stated that the country appreciated the WHO’s friendly and conducive working environment.

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