Since May 1, the resumption of border reopening has woken up a few people.

Antananarivo’s airport has reopened after being closed for months. People are in a hurry to get there or go there, whether they are in or out of the country. 

Healthcare circumstances have greatly improved, resulting in fewer new cases and higher healing rates. Even though the disease has not been completely eradicated. What are the requirements for entering Madagascar?

COVID-19 test

All travellers to Madagascar must submit to a PCR test 72 hours before departure, and an antigen test will be performed once they reach the airport.

Each traveller must present the results of an Rt-PCR test performed 72 hours before departure.

All passengers are obliged to take a brief antigen test upon arrival in Madagascar. The traveller is responsible for the exam, which may cost between 15 and 20 euros.

Confinement from COVID-19 

Confinement, as a notion, is contingent in Madagascar.  If a rapid antigen test yields a positive result, the traveller will be quarantined at the airport. A quarantine period of at least seven days is essential. Passengers will be accommodated in a one-of-a-kind structure at their own expense.

Passengers who tested negative for COVID-19 no longer need to be isolated. The degree of immunization of a traveller has nothing to do with quarantine. It makes no difference whether he is isolated or not, as long as he has not had any immunizations.

Wearing a mask in public is an obligatory health precaution in Madagascar. There are numerous places to dine, drink, and have fun. In contrast, these establishments scrupulously adhere to all necessary health regulations. In the absence of a gauge, festivities and celebrations resume normalcy.

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