Following an increase in the number of confirmed cases of COVID across all Manx Care locations, the wearing of face masks is once again mandatory.

The number of people who were infected with the virus increased by a factor of four during the previous week as a direct result of the increased foot traffic that occurred during the TT period.

A spokesperson for the health organization stated that the move would assist in “protecting workforce levels and service delivery.”

Visitors to facilities for health and social care will be provided with options for hiding their faces.

Following the removal of recommendations on the part of the United Kingdom Health Security Agency on June 13th, it was no longer necessary to have patients wear masks while receiving medical treatment.

It is now necessary to wear a mask when visiting Noble’s Hospital, Ramsey Cottage Hospital, Manannan Court, general practitioner practices, outpatient and community health centers, dentists and opticians, as well as care homes.

Patients have also been informed that, as a result of staff absences, certain general practitioner consultations might be conducted over the phone or digitally rather than in person.

It comes after several students at a secondary school in Douglas were given permission to skip school on Tuesday due to the absence of staff members.

In order to “help lessen the burden of staff absence,” teachers at Ballakermeen High School have instructed students in the eighth grade to complete their schoolwork at home, while students in the tenth grade have been encouraged to take a day of study leave before their mock tests on Wednesday.

The head teacher at the school, Adrienne Burnett, stated in a letter to the parents that the institution is “continuing to endure unprecedented levels of staff absence.”

Because of the number of coworkers who are ill and unable to report to work, it is impossible to properly staff the classrooms.

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