According to Acting Minister of Health Charles Milupi, the COVID-19 vaccination campaign is set to end today, May 30, after being delayed by a few days due to the overwhelming response.

At a press conference on Thursday, Milupi stated that the government was pleased with the strong reception to the COVID-19 vaccine campaign.

“I am writing to inform you that the government has extended the Coronavirus vaccination campaign by 5 days, with the campaign ending on Monday, May 30, 2022, through the Ministries of Health, Local Government, and Rural Development.” This extension is necessary due to the massive response across the nation. Those who have not yet been immunized will be able to do so as a result of the extension. We are working with all of the stakeholders who have been cooperative throughout the initiative to get more and more people vaccinated. 

The government remains committed to attaining Universal Health Coverage – Leaving No One Behind. The government is overjoyed with the positive response to the Coronavirus vaccination campaign. In the last ten days, over one million dosages have been given, with approximately 436,000 of those administered to new vaccinees.” Those who have been fully vaccinated have a vaccination coverage of 28.2 per cent,” he said.

Milupi credits the positive response to the overwhelming support of many stakeholders. “”The assistance from international and local partners cannot be overstated; indeed, we received assistance in all aspects of the response,” Milupi said.

I’d like to acknowledge the health professionals who outperformed the Health ministry management in terms of diligence and hard work while completing this assignment amid other emerging infectious diseases. As the number of cases increases in some countries, the danger of an outbreak remains high. Our best hope is to protect everyone, which we can accomplish by immunizing 70% of the eligible population against this lethal disease. 

Let us continue to dispel vaccination misconceptions and myths by encouraging everyone who is able to get vaccinated to do so. We encourage everyone to spread the word and to encourage your family, friends, and neighbours to protect themselves by getting vaccinated.”

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