Health Minister Daniel Salinas said that he expected greater vaccination against Covid in children and drew attention to the circulation of the flu virus.

“We are in a situation of relative control, with a low percentage of beds occupied by or with Covid,” said Health Minister Daniel Salinas when asked about the current moment of the coronavirus pandemic in Uruguay.

“We have a level (of infections) that is not low but it is not high either, with a positivity level of 20%,” added Salinas.

On being asked about the possibility of a third dose of the Covid vaccine in children aged 5 to 11 years, or even of vaccinating younger children, the minister ruled out both. It’s not even being evaluated.

About vaccination in children, Salinas said it was “difficult.” “We wanted more children to be vaccinated,” he acknowledged.


On flu vaccination, the minister said that “almost half a million” have already been given and there are still “between 220,000 and 230,000 remaining.”

“There is a circulation of the virus that causes the flu and the flu causes pneumonia in fragile people, that is, it is one more reason to occupy the CTI,” Salinas warned.

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