The president of the Dominican Medical College, Dr. Senén Caba has expressed concerns of monkeypox spreading in the country very soon. He’s requested the citizens to be vigilant and be aware of the disease as it has been spreading throughout the world. 

With United States already facing the issues that come with the disease, there’s hardly any time before it reaches Dominca. There was an epidemiological alert issued the previous week to warn and encourage prevention. Even though the disease is not as contagious as others, it follows lesions causing health risks like high fever, incessant itching, body aches and headaches. 

The disease is still classified under infectious so patients showing symptoms should quarantine. 

Presently, there are zero cases registered for the country but preventive surveillance has been activated. This helps in keeping track of symptoms and seeking the ideal medical advice. It’s crucial to keep attention on the care and spread of the disease.

In case someone is identified with monkeypox the suspected case needs to inform the appropriate authorities immediately. They will further start tracking, isolation measures and health care. 

World Health Organization sent a global warning which in turn lead to the local Ministry of Public Health issuing alerts. This has been especially escalated since the discovery of monkeypox in the United States that faces a lot of tourism and migratory flow. 

One of the main precautions is to stay away from animals that may be carrying the virus whether ill or deceased. Anyone who has come in contact by mistake, should isolate from others. 

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