Even though local health authorities continue to urge Vincentians to get vaccinated against COVID-19, there have been an increasing number of infections locally. There are now 107 active COVID-19 cases in St Vincent and the Grenadines, which has prompted the CDC to designate it as a High Level of COVID-19, advising travelers.

Last week, Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache, the company’s chief medical officer, said: “We continue to advocate for vaccination of those who have not received any COVID-19 vaccines or boosters for all individuals who finished their initial COVID-19 vaccination course more than 5 months ago,” says the VA. “The majority of Covid infections in vaccinated people are seen among individuals who were vaccinated and/or boosted 5 months before the new infection”

One of the four persons now in the hospital is completely vaccinated, whereas three are not.

The net positivity rate was 6.90 percent, but the daily positivity rate was 18.42 percent.

The country’s top medical officer warned that local health agencies are particularly concerned about the number of individuals with asthma, kidney disease, heart disease, sickle cell anemia, and hypertension, who are yet to be immunized.

She also said: “People infected with these conditions are at increased risk for negative effects such as exacerbation of their pre-existing conditions. Unlike the brief sickness endured by people who contracted COVID-19 during the December 2021/January 2022 surge, people are now experiencing a more severe and protracted condition. People are taking longer to recuperate sufficiently to resume school or employment.”

Dr. Keizer-Beache encouraged people to go to a doctor if they experience any symptoms since the doctors can advise whether or not they should quarantine and for how long. Furthermore, advice will be given on whether and when testing is required.

She pointed out that all COVID testing for public health purposes is free at all public health clinics.However, there is an additional fee for COVID-19 testing while on the road.

According to doctors, a vaccinated person who comes into contact with an infected individual does not need to be quarantined and can get tested for free at a clinic five days later.

However, unvaccinated people who have been exposed must quarantine for seven to ten days and must be tested.

SVG’s gatherings protocols were suspended in April, and since then many large gatherings have taken place.

In the months ahead, this nation is also anticipated to hold one of its most important national festivals, Vincymas.

While the situation is still being looked at by relevant authorities, Keizer-Beache said that while it is being dealt with, Even though the authorities might recommend some restrictions, it is still important for people to take personal responsibility for their health.

The CMO advised people to protect their health by making good decisions, including eating healthy diets, being active by engaging in safe outdoor activities that allow for fresh air and safe distance, continuing to wear masks and sanitizing hands, and frequently touching surfaces in public vehicles and public indoor spaces.

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