On Friday, June 3, the 810th day of the COVID-19 epidemic in Venezuela, there were 28 new cases in the country. Last 24 hours have produced 27 community transmissions and a woman from Panama who entered the country via La Guaira is believed to be responsible. Freddy Ñáñez, the sectoral vice president of Communication, Culture and Tourism for the region, announced this on Deél , his Twitter account.

“The following states are involved in the community cases: Yaracuy 8, Zulia 5, Miranda 5, Caracas 3, Aragua 2.” announced Minister Ñáñez. In the same statement, the minister said, “Today, Yaracuy has the highest infection rate of 4 out of its 14 municipalities: San Felipe 5, Independencia 1, Urachiche 1 and Cocorote 1.”

Minister Ñáñez, the health minister for the state of Aragua, also stated that the country already has “a total of 523,797 verified cases, 1,000 active cases and 517,075 recovered persons,” a statistic that he added reveals “99 percent of infections.”

Among the broad statistics, there are 616 asymptomatic patients, 313 with Mild Acute Respiratory Failure, 54 with Moderate Acute Respiratory Failure, and 17 in the Intensive Care Unit. Finally, Freddy Ñáñez declared that there were no fatalities, stating, “We maintain the figure of 5,722 in the country as a whole.”

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