The Venezuelan Executive has announced giving free and valuable healthcare as a method to back up People’s Power. President Nicolas Maduro expressed how there should be assurance of leadership, scrutiny and good stock of free, public and qualitative healthcare. 

 As the day related to Report of the Health Sector within the state passed by, there was a directive by the head of State to all healthcare organizations. He said, “the fundamental is the good management and the good management is to supervise at all times, look for solutions and coordinate the Healthcare Committees and the Communal Councils.”

It’s crucial for the warehouses as well as the pharmacies to be present with each hospital to have a system that actually makes a difference. There’s also the need for industries to focus on manufacturing medicines that help the local public stay healthier. 

In the past five days, around 371 cases have been recorded in the control command room. Magaly Gutierrez, the Health Minister explained how these were divided as community cases, infrastructure cases, inaccessible to medical necessities and individual cases. 

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